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​​DARPA ENGAGE Initiative

User Interface, XML and Gameplay Programmer


Game Demo:


Highlights: - Publication accepted IEEE International conference for Computer Games, 2013

                   - Game accepted to Edugaming 2014 conference

Project Impact - DARPA ENGAGE

Description and Website

Impact! is the 4th project of the DARPA ENGAGE program at the ETC. The project is geared towards creating games that teach science to kids between ages 6 to 8. This goal of the project is to create, review, revisit and revise the games that have been made as apart of the ENGAGE project from the previous semesters. One of the main focuses this semester is to get the ENGAGE games running on different educational game portals, such as


I worked on DARPA Engage Initiative, the goal of which is to create web based educational games to teach science to kids ages 6-8. The technology our game used was HTML5 and a Javascript game engine called Impact JS


Here I worked as UI Programmer, progamming for UI elements and menus, as a gameplay programmer, and also designed XML interface for the game, making it customizable through an XML sheet.

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