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Lucid Motors

Senior Software Engineer, Infotainment

Defining the next generation of in-car user experience


Specific details under NDA agreements. Some of my work can be seen on Infotainment Screens in the videos above.

I work on a small Infotainment Software Team, and have played a key role in building a functional HMI, now seen in Lucid Air prototype Alpha Cars. I've developed the complete stack for Infotainment application layer across different screens and devices, from creating backend application logic to front-end UI layer. 

- Developing in-car applications like Media, Vehicle Controls

- Creating iOS mobile application and corresponding back-end framework, remotely controlling USP features of the car such as rear seats and headlights

- Taking ownership of front-end layer: making sure design wireframes are built to pixel perfect accuracy, both designing and implementing complex animations to make a slick and highly responsive 60 fps UI, scaling UI to different resolutions and screen sizes, explorations handling 3D scenes in OpenGL

- Developing application logic and architecture, coordinating state and control of UI across multiple screens communicating with other systems via protocols like CAN

- Member of core team at major events like NYC Auto Show 2017 as an engineering specialist

Qt, QML, Android, iOS, C++, OpenGL, Linux, Photoshop, Sketch, Zeplin

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