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​​About Me

I'm passionate about creating technology experiences which bring joy and value to people's lives. I enjoy the technical craft of being a programmer, as well as visual creativity in fields of UX, film, photography, design and games. I started programming in C++ in high school, and went on to complete engineering in computer science. I discovered my orientation towards visuals when I started with photography during undergraduate years. Realizing that I wanted to continue on and possibly combine these diverse paths, I came to Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, from where I graduated with Master of Entertainment Technology in December 2013.


I'm currently work as Software Engineer at Google, working on projects in the areas of computer graphics, image and video editing and rendering. My last role was Senior Software Engineer in Infotainment at Lucid Motors, defining the next generation of in-car user experience. I previously worked at Walt Disney World Orlando as New Technology Analyst, incorporating new cutting edge technologies in the theme parks, experienced the startup scene in New York working as a iOS engineer at a positive anonymous social networking mobile app, and also worked on making high end music streaming products at Autonomic Controls.

I've also had a chance to work on creative technology projects involving programming (computer graphics, user interfaces, internet of things, automotive, theme park rides, web, mobile), games (DARPA education games for kids, interactive virtual worlds) and short film projects (production and post-production).

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